Non Profit Lenders

Purpose-Built End-to-End Loan Management Solution for Nonprofit Lenders

The team at IvyTek knows you want to focus on your community and your clients, not on loan management technology. As a mission-driven lender, every dollar counts, and you need real-time access to client-critical information, specialized Metro 2 reporting, and in-app error correction capabilities.

At IvyTek, we understand the challenges of non-profit lenders. So we’ve developed solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. This means you can focus on your lending business and the local community.

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What Does IvyTek Provide for Non-Profit Lenders?
  • Full-service Loan Management and Servicing—A 360-degree view from origination to collections

  • Available on the Salesforce App Exchange—providing SaaS enterprise capabilities to businesses of any size

  • Over 125 pre-built and customizable reports are at your fingertips on an intuitive, secure dashboard with need-to-know access privileges

  • Web services, including online loan applications, document uploads, borrower portals, and E-signature (DocuSign)

  • Accounting integrations with software like QuickBooks, ACH payments, and ACH funding

Streamline. Simplify. Automate.

IvyTek helps you navigate through the complex and ever-changing online lending industry with one flexible software solution.