Loan Management Software – Simplified

Loan Origination, Servicing, and Management in a Single Solution

At IvyTek, we pride ourselves on being more than your preferred software provider. We are your custom developer and business partner

We create opportunities for people to leverage financial tools for the betterment of their lives and communities

  • Loan Management Software

    Increase efficiency with automations

  • Loan Management Software

    Integrates with your current services

  • Loan Management Software

    End-to-end loan management with one software

  • Loan Management Software

    360-degree view of your borrower’s loan cycle

Customizable Solution for Your Loan Management Needs

Our software is designed for efficiency in the handling of loan management, with the flexibility to adapt to your business needs. Whether you need one module, or a full end-to-end solution, IvyTek scales with your growth.


Gain the Power of an End-to-End Loan Management Solution

IvyTek’s Loan Management Software handles every aspect of the lending cycle utilizing the Salesforce CRM. This brings the power of SaaS, enterprise scale to businesses of any size.

Solving the Unique Lending Challenges of Your Unique Business

Non Profit Loan Management Software

Non Profit

Non Profit. To make a big impact on community development, you need a software partner that understands and solves your challenges.

CDFI Loan Management Software


CDFI. Focusing on the communities you serve is what matters most. We can customize our loan management software to meet your unique needs.

Commercial Lending Loan Management Software

Consumer Installment

Consumer Installment. Your flexible financing solutions deserve a loan management software that is as flexible as you are.

Commercial Lending Loan Management Software


Commercial Lending. Automate your lending process so you can help more businesses grow.

Finance Icon

Retail Financing

Retail Financing. Go beyond the standard of retail loan financing by putting your customers’ and dealers’ needs first.

Monday Lending to Students Icon

Student Lending

Student Lending. Streamline the student lending experience with our student loan management software.

Professional Lending Icon

Alternative Lending

Alternative Lending. Simplify your lending process through our loan management software and expertise in Salesforce.

Tribal Lending Loan Management Software

Native American/Tribal Lending

Native American/Tribal. One seamless loan management solution for Native American and Tribal lenders.

Loan Management Software that Suits Your Every Need

Loan Origination Software

Loan Origination

Create better experiences for lenders and borrowers leveraging IvyTek’s loan origination software.

Instant quotes and easy-to-use workflows. Customize loan origination according to your customers needs.

Loan Servicing

Loan Servicing

Remain nimble as your business grows. Maintain the flexibility to meet your customer with their needs.

Our loan servicing solution enables you to do just that. Create new loan products & terms based on your needs.

Loan Management Software

Loan Management

End-to-End means you’re in control of best serving your customer’s entire product lifecycle as needs change.

With our customizable solutions, we empower you to scale and adapt to market changes and needs.

Debt Management


Ditch the spreadsheets and operate more efficiently using comprehensive reports and dashboards.

Our tool allows you to make more informed decisions so you focus on the work that provides more impact.

Streamline. Simplify. Automate.

IvyTek helps you navigate through the complex and ever-changing online lending industry with one flexible software solution.

  • Loan Management Software

    Automated Tasks

  • Loan Management Software

    Multi-Tenant Infrastructure

  • Loan Management Software

    Maximum Scalability

  • Loan Management Software

    Exceptionally Secure

  • Loan Management Software

    Enterprise Compliance

  • Loan Management Software

    Native Salesforce App

  • Loan Management Software

    Unbreakable Customizations

  • Loan Management Software

    Mobile Friendly

Trusted by the Brands You Trust

Lenders Across the Country Prefer IvyTek Finance

IvyTek is one of the few programs that was compatible to our Salesforce Platform. We are pleased with its ability to meet our varied payment schedules and creative financing. The IvyTek team is well-versed in its knowledge of what we need and how their product can fulfill those needs. We look forward to a long relationship with them.

Excellent Loan Software, Business Finance Director

I turned to IvyTek to transition our loan portfolio to their solution. They were able to identify our processes that differed from the ‘out of box’ solution and quickly configure their system to accommodate. IvyTek worked closely with us for an incredibly accurate transfer of data, in a timely manner. I would recommend the IvyTek LMS to anyone as a stand-alone solution and as the best solution on the Salesforce platform.

Powerful and scalable loan management system in Salesforce, Principal

IvyTek has great customer service. They help with the smallest problems or questions and will stay with you until it is fixed. Learning IvyTek Finance was easy as well. Thank you guys for all your hard work.

Easy to learn, Loan Administrator

The folks at Ivytek have been great! They are quick to help if we have a question. They even transferred our accounts to the new system from the old system in no time. Mike and his team have been awesome and very friendly!

Great Customer Service, Loan Administrator

IvyTek was the ONLY system that we've found that even came close to meeting our needs. Our implementation was not easy, but the IvyTek team was patient, supportive, and collaborative.  They have helped us build a system that not only WORKS but works in precisely the (highly customized) way we need it to. Thank goodness for IvyTek! 

The ONLY loan system we found customizable for OUR needs, IT Director