Simplifying Loan Management

IvyTek’s custom loan management software is as versatile as it is user-friendly for you and your customers.

Loans Simplified

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

In addition to industry standard features, IvyTek provides you with innovative loan management features to help you serve your customers. These features can easily personalize our software to fit your industry and business specific needs

  • Quick Loans

  • Applications

  • Loans & Payments

  • Printing of Contracts

  • Forms Processing

  • Cash Balancing

  • Accounting & Summary Reporting

  • 3rd Party Credit Bureau Integration

Business Intelligence

Easily create customized reports and dashboards with “quick click” drill down analysis and scheduled reports that can be delivered to any device, at any time.

Collections First

It’s easy to loan out money, but does your system help you automate effective collection practices with task and workflow management?

Mobile Access

Easily access all components of your business from a desktop, tablet or smartphone. From any device you can easily make transactions and view reports. Stay connected with your staff and customers 24/7.

Automated Workflows

Customized approval processes for ANY type of transaction with triggered e-mail alerts for unusual or unique transactions. Simply create standardized field level internal procedures and requirements.

Document Management

Do you have visions of a paperless office? Digitally enjoy complete loan documentation, including uploaded documents, like a scanned driver’s license, stored as an electronic file attached to your customer’s account.

Social Collaboration

Make business processes social. Collaborate in real time with Chatter, an internal social tool for businesses that allows teams to take action and collaborate on accounts, files, and customers.


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