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At IvyTek, we pride ourselves on being more than your preferred software provider. We are your custom developer and business partner. With over 25 years of software development excellence, IvyTek has grown its business to serve a variety of customers.

Nonprofit & CDFI Solutions

Consumer Installment & Retail Financing



Nonprofit & CDFI Solutions

We know that focusing on the communities you serve is what matters most! That’s why technology shouldn’t serve as a burden to your efforts, but a tool to enhance the strategies behind the work you are doing. IvyTek helps mission driven lenders implement and integrate the Salesforce product into your business systems in a way that customizes the loan management software to meet your unique needs.

What does IvyTek provide for Nonprofit & CDFI’s?
  • Innovative origination, underwriting, servicing, collection and industry compliance features.

  • Over 125 pre-built database reports and DIY customized reports available for export to Excel and PDF.

  • Web services, including online loan applications, document uploads, borrower portals and eSignature (DocuSign).

  • Accounting integrations with software like QuickBooks, ACH Payments and ACH Funding.

What does IvyTek provide for Consumer Installment & Retail Financing?
  • Borrower & Dealer Portals enabling a better customer experience

  • Provides both Open-Ended and Closed Revolving Lines of Credit (LOC), Simple and Pre-Computed Interest Installment Financing

  • Collection and reporting features that provide you better controls of your Loan Portfolio.

  • Decades of industry knowledge to ensure better software integrity

Consumer Installment & Retail Financing

We know that focusing on the communities you serve is what matters most! Your technology shouldn’t be a burden to your efforts. We recognize that not all retail loan companies are the same, that’s why we build our software to be customized to fit your needs. Our Dealer Portfolio Management provides Borrower and Dealer portals enabling self-service features. IvyTek goes above and beyond the standard of retail loan financing and your customers and dealers will thank you for putting their needs first.

Your Endpoint Loan Software

Work with a software company that is just as passionate about your success as you are

"We found IvyTek extremely responsive. They developed what we needed and provided options and alternatives we hadn't even considered. Their lending software has opened up a whole new arena for us with tools we can use to help more people. "

Rachel Grose
Executive Director - Jewish Free Loan Association

Student Lending

Serving future leaders is critical. IvyTek values the investment of higher education. Our Student Lending solutions help provide funding software tools to ensure our clients can fund as many qualified students as possible. Because we give you the ability to customize our platform, we have a suite of flexible payback terms that you can implement to streamline the student lending experience with our student lending management software.

What does IvyTek provide for Student Lending include?
  • Track Impact Reporting, Deferrals & loan payment start dates

  • Advanced , customized configurable Graduated payment schedules

  • Recency Collection Analytics – identify borrowers last pay date

  • Track/manage credit committee review process

What does IvyTek provide for Alternative Lending include?
  • Easily adapts to Federal and State Consumer Lending requirements

  • Configure reports to comply with your state auditors reviews

  • Supports online and in-person lending

  • Integrated with Best-in-Class industry partners such as REPAY, Microbilt, AdvantageACH, DocuSign, and many others.

Alternative Lending

Core to the foundation of IvyTek is our work supporting a variety of lending industries. Whether you need support with Microloans, Peer-to-Peer Loans or Single Payment loans, IvyTek has proven success helping organizations like yours achieve their financial goals through our loan management software and expertise in Salesforce.

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