Alternative Lending

IvyTek is a leading provider of financial services for alternative lending institutions. Whether you need support with Microloans, Peer-to-Peer Loans, or Single Payment loans, IvyTek has proven success in helping organizations like yours achieve their financial goals through our loan
management software and expertise in Salesforce.

We have decades of first-hand knowledge of your industry, and we offer a full range of products and services that can help you grow your business and improve your bottom line. From loan origination and servicing to collections and recovery—we have the experience and solutions to meet your needs.

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What Does IvyTek Provide for Alternative Lending?
  • Full-service Loan Management and Servicing—A 360-degree view from origination to collections

  • Available on the Salesforce App Exchange—providing SaaS enterprise capabilities to businesses of any size

  • Easily adapts to Federal and State Consumer Lending requirements

  • Configure reports to comply with your state auditors' reviews

  • Supports online and in-person lending

  • Integrated with Best-in-Class industry partners such as REPAY, Microbilt, AdvantageACH, DocuSign, and many others.

  • Web Services, Including Online Loan Applications, Document Uploads, Borrower Portals, And E-signature (DocuSign)

Streamline. Simplify. Automate.

IvyTek helps you navigate through the complex and ever-changing online lending industry with one flexible software solution.