Reduce the Lending Lag Time: Integrate Loan and Grant Management Systems with IvyTek

Public Sector Organizations that offer grants and lending programs can save time and share data using the same portal for both its applications and grant management processes. Leveraging the combined power of IvyTek’s loan management system and the Salesforce Grant Management software, PSOs can better determine which program—funding or financing—is the better fit for the applicant, saving time between an applicant’s submission and your team’s underwriting process.

This integration allows you to track critical data such as demographics and location data, and to create flexible loan origination processes. The performance of individual loans are tracked in near real-time, allowing for faster reporting. In addition, Public Sector Organizations can track funding allocations between different institutions, the repayment of funds to loan programs, how specific loans are funded, including the allocation of multiple funds to a single receivable loan.

Finally, IvyTek allows users to create and edit custom payment schedules, insert interest-only periods, create seasonal payments, or defer a payment entirely. Since each loan’s payment schedule is managed independently, your program reporting will always stay accurate.

What can IvyTek do for Grant Management? With our digital portal application submissions, you can:
  • Reduce the time between receipt of an application and time to begin underwriting.

  • Create separate programs for loans, forgivable loans, recoverable grants, and more.

  • Create flexible loan origination processes using the same portal and applications that you use for the grant management processes.

  • Track funding allocations between your institution and your borrowers, as well as between programs, or the investors that fund your programs.

  • Track repayment of funds to loan programs, create custom payment schedules and more.

Grants and Programs Application

Simplify The Application Process
  • Grant Applications: Reduce the time and manual work spent on building applications. Use templates that are based on the unique requirements for each funding opportunity.

  • Private Grant Invitations: For organizations you think would be a good fit for private funding opportunities, send personalized invitations for them to apply.

  • Funding Requests: Make it easy for applicants and grantees to find and apply for funding opportunities and view application statuses.

  • Internal Reviews: Simplify and keep the decision making process moving by selecting only the sections reviewers need to see. Keep a record of the feedback they provide.

Streamline. Simplify. Automate.

IvyTek helps you navigate through the complex and ever-changing online lending industry with one flexible software solution.