Retail Financing

Loan management software tools and technology should never burden a retail finance company. Technology should make your life easier. At IvyTek, we recognize that not all retail lenders are the same. That's why you can customize our app to fit your business’s unique requirements. Our dealer portfolio management tools also provide borrower and dealer portals, enabling self-service features and information on-demand.

IvyTek goes way above and beyond the bare-minimum standards for retail loan financing. Our software app will make your customers and dealers happy and your life easier.

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What Does IvyTek Provide for Retail Finance Lenders?
  • Full-service Loan Management and Servicing—A 360-degree view from origination to collections

  • Available on the Salesforce App Exchange—providing SaaS enterprise capabilities to businesses of any size

  • Borrower and Dealer Information Portals for up-to-the-minute loan information

  • Open-ended and closed-ended revolving lines of credit (LOCs), simple and precomputed interest installment financing

  • Collection and reporting features for optimized control and management of your loan portfolio.

  • A partner with decades of industry knowledge to ensure maximum software functionality who understands your business

Streamline. Simplify. Automate.

IvyTek helps you navigate through the complex and ever-changing online lending industry with one flexible software solution.