Celebrating the Salesforce Nonprofit Community

The Salesforce Nonprofit Community helps create social good in the FinTech industry.

What are some of the community landmarks you appreciate the most? The ability to stroll hand in hand through a city park? A stop at a popup curbside eatery while watching joyous children chase each other on the playground? Do you only think about the beauty and sense of community around you, or do you wonder who paid for it?

If you’re not in the financial services industry, you’re probably able to appreciate beauty more than finance. However, outstanding nonprofit lenders are working hard to provide economic opportunities for communities in need day-in-and-day-out. These are not projects where you can quickly point to the Return on Investment (ROI), but the absence of these contributions would leave a void that would be felt by all.

Lenders in every industry have good hearts and intentions. Many nonprofits lack the technology resources that could make their missions faster and more efficient.  Certified Salesforce Consultants, such as IvyTek, can assist nonprofits in creating more social good. Leveraging IvyTek’s Salesforce expertise to create seamless FinTech integration solutions will help nonprofits do what they do best; change the world for the better.

Thank you to mission-driven lenders for what you do each day.  And to nonprofit lenders, you deserve special recognition for partnering with end-to-end loan management solutions, such as IvyTek. We are proud to be your Salesforce financial services partner.

About Us

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