SMS/Text Messaging in Loan Management

SMS in Loan Management

SMS/Text Messaging in Loan Management  With its high open, read, and response rates, text messaging is proving to be one of the most reliable — and highest ROI —  marketing channels in industries of all kinds, including financial services.  Sometimes referred to by its more technical term, SMS — short messaging service — is by…

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Benefits of CPQ & Retail Lending: Accurate Pricing, Efficient Process

Loan Management Software

Benefits of CPQ & Retail Lending: Accurate Pricing, Efficient Process  Homeowners wanting to remodel their kitchen. A warehouse looking to install a new HVAC system. A property management company seeking to contract a pest control company. In all of these cases, it’s likely that each sales representative worked out pricing for their potential customer using…

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How Do You Measure Your Software ROI?

Software ROI

How Do You Measure Your Software ROI? (And Other Questions About Choosing SaaS Products and Salesforce Implementation Partners) If you’re a solopreneur or own a small-to-medium sized business (SMB), you might be the primary or one of only a few decision makers when it comes to significant purchases. Oftentimes, though, the main advocate for a…

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Loan Management Software Feature Spotlight: Borrower Portals

Student Lending

Checking an application status. Making a payment. Updating a credit card number. Resetting a password. Uploading a document. These are all common tasks a borrower — or potential borrower — might perform online.  Once a potential client becomes an applicant, much of the activity will take place behind a secure, password-protected area, often referred to…

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Salesforce and CDFIs: A Solid Loan Management System for Community Lenders

IvyTek is proud to work with Salesforce and CDFIs to increase social good.

Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) are on a mission to make capital more accessible to individuals, families, and small businesses. These innovative, inclusive lending programs are making an incredible impact in underserved urban and rural areas across the country, one loan at a time.  How CDFIs Help Small Businesses Prosper With roots in the Community…

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Student Loan Management Software: Reporting Tools for Educational Lenders

Student Loan Management Software

Higher education is one of the wisest investments someone can make in their future—but the rising cost of college can make a degree seem out of reach. Independent lenders have an incredible opportunity to help people fully realize their academic and professional potential.  At-a-Glance: Where Do Private Student Loans Come In? Most colleges and universities…

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